About the Chandeliers

The Yankee Crossing Family

Original American chandeliers date back in our history as early as the mid 17th century. Most of these chandeliers were used at the time in churches, taverns, and public halls. These original, antique chandeliers were made in some number. Likewise, they were made of a good, early wood and tin or iron. Most commonly chandeliers of this type were painted, if the owner was fortunate enough. Today these antique candle burning chandeliers with their original paint are hard to come by and are acquired at a high price when available. Companies that claim to have true reproductions are common today, and most are not true replicas. Due to the fact that these chandeliers change hands in the manufacturing of them, the origin becomes obscured. This has been the case with pieces copied directly from colonial examples. Yankee Crossing chandeliers differ from these other companies’ chandeliers, because they are historically inspired. We do not claim to make actual reproductions. Our chandeliers are one of a kind and are made the same way they were made back in time. By hand. Yankee Crossing is a family owned and operated company that creates and produces chandeliers that are individually hand-made by our family of craftsman in Salem, Ohio. That means that each chandelier starts out as a piece of wood in our workshop and never leaves our workshop until it is complete and ready to become a part of your home. We are fifth generation woodworkers, and create these primitive pieces using traditional methods of turning wood as handed down by our grandfather. Each Yankee Crossing chandelier wears a time worn appearance that makes them traditional and timeless. Our chandelier designs are original. We take cues from the past, and are always inspired by original, antique chandeliers. However, we are artisans at heart and draw from that also, so that we are able to create these magnificent chandeliers. The combination of history and originality join together to make for a wonderful gallery of chandeliers at Yankee Crossing, that beckons to a by gone era. Our chandeliers are created to be an alternative to having an antique, with the added benefit of being electric, which is more convenient for today’s way of life. We hope that you enjoy having a Yankee Crossing chandelier in your home.